affordable and accessible conference space centrally located in the heart of York



Priory Street Centre offers a wide range of audio-visual equipment and on-site technical support at little or no extra cost. Our staff are happy to help you and are familiar with Microsoft, Open Source and Apple Mac Operating Systems.

We provide high resolution HD data-projectors to hire at £25 + VAT per day, which includes the use of a laptop, video or DVD player and wireless internet connection.

Video and telephone conferencing

The Micklegate Room has ISDN video conferencing facilities available to hire at £45 + VAT per day and we can arrange ISDN to IP bridging or multi-site support if required.

In addition to video conferencing, we also offer a wireless telephone conferencing unit at £10 + VAT per day, which can be used in any of our meeting rooms. Outgoing VC and telephone connection is charged at standard BT rates but there is no cost associated with incoming calls.

Other equipment

Flip charts are provided free of charge in all of our rooms and come complete with paper and pens. We can also offer free use of OHPs, CD/MP3 players, slide projectors and adaptive technology for disabled people. Other resources include audio recording equipment, mini-projectors and digital cameras, which can be hired for on or off-site use

Priory Street Centre has a portable IT training suite with up to 10 workstations available at £7.50 + VAT per unit. These laptops can be set up in any of our meeting rooms and wirelessly connect to the internet